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26 February 2024
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An Open & Shut Case For Automation

We are here to help

For an instant quote, let us know the window width you have or track length you need and while you check out the rest of the site we will get you a quick quote prepared.

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Why WindowBoss Smart Curtains?

When you purchase your Smart Curtains from us, we provide the following FREE help:

  • We verify the track lengths based on the width of your window or the wall-to-wall dimensions.
  • If needed, we can create a drawing to illustrate how the track will fit within your window space. This drawing can be extremely helpful for planning your curtain order, as it will clearly indicate the number of curtain hooks required.
  • At times, track installations may not be straightforward. In such cases, we are here to assist with planning. For instance, if you need two tracks that converge at a room’s corner, or if it would look more appealing for one curtain to extend slightly further into a corner (an Offset Track), we are ready to help!
  • For bay windows, we will produce a plan drawing to facilitate your ordering process and talk you through it.
  • If you wish for the curtains to be mounted within a ceiling recess, we can advise on the appropriate recess dimensions to ensure it is done correctly on the first attempt.
  • In case you are undergoing construction work, we are available to coordinate with your builder, electrician, or home automation integrator.

We only request payment once you are satisfied with the design. Processing your order is straight forward—we offer an online card payment link and accept BACS transfers.

Then when the order is ready to ship we will keep you updated on progress. We use a combination of carriers and sometimes deliver ourselves.


Motorised curtains for living rooms

Do You Like Your Tech at Home?

Transform Your Home with Smart Automation

Are you someone who thrives on the latest in technology and innovation? Smart Curtains seamlessly integrate into your smart home ecosystem, offering  an abundance of automation possibilities. Picture this: as dusk settles, your curtains gracefully close, lights are dimmed, and ambiance shifts to evening mode – all with a simple voice command or preset automation scene. Transform your living space with cutting-edge technology – provide us with your window measurements, and let’s craft a bespoke automation experience tailored to your lifestyle.

Is Home Security a Concern?

Automated Curtain Control For Your Peace of Mind

Leaving your home unattended can stir up worries about security. With Smart Curtains, you can rest assured knowing your property is protected. Our automated curtain tracks can be programmed to open and close at specific times, creating the illusion of occupancy even when you’re away. Say goodbye to concerns about intruders – take control of your home’s security today. Share your window measurements with us, and let’s fortify your peace of mind together.

Struggle To Open Your Curtains?

Effortless Curtain Control for Those with Restricted Mobility

Are drawing curtains a cumbersome task for you or a loved one? At Smart Curtains, we understand the challenges of restricted mobility. Our electric curtain tracks offer a seamless solution, providing easy-to-use remote control functionality. With just a click, you can effortlessly open or close your curtains, reclaiming independence and comfort in your own home. Take the first step towards convenience – provide your window measurements below, and let us tailor a solution just for you.

Professional Quality, Electric Curtain Tracks…

...for the home and the workplace

Contact Us and Ask Us A Question

Need help making your decision, struggling with pricing or integrating with an existing system? Tell us about your project and find out how we can help.

All we need to give you a quote is the width of the window or the wall to wall distance, if you have curtains that fit wall to wall. If you have a bay window we can supply a track for you, just let us know and we will guide you through.