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How much Does an Electric Curtain Track Cost?

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One of the first questions we get asked is:

“How much will it cost to automate my curtains?”

With some electric curtain track suppliers then the answer is often “it depends”. Why? Because there are so many different options and pricing is complicated.

Here at Smart Curtains, we wanted to keep it nice and straightforward and also keep the cost down so that automated curtains are not just for the wealthy. You’ll be pleased to hear that while our tracks are all custom made they are still very affordable. An average price would be £550, obviously less for a shorter track and more for a longer one or a Bay Window track.

Give us a call on 01904 599503, or pop your details in the box and we can give you an exact cost but, as a guide, here’s how we price our tracks:

First of all, there’s the base price of our track, which covers, the motor and the track assembly. All our motorised tracks come fully assembled up to six metres  (above six metres there’s a join). Six metres is longer than most motorised one-piece tracks in the UK.

Base Price

The base price, including a single channel remote control and wall or ceiling is £310.

Length Surcharge

Then we take into account the length of the track which we charge at £28 per metre.


We want to be sure that your track arrives with you in perfect condition and we do package the tracks well. For tracks of three metres and under the packaging costs £14 and over 3 metres we charge £25.


Once we’ve got your track all nicely packaged up, we call the carriers in to get your track to you. As you can imagine, transporting something which can be up to six metres long needs a particular kind of courier and specialised care in shipping.

The cost of shipping is:

up to 2.99 metres £95
3 metres and up to 4.99 metres £115
Over 5 metres £180

7-Day Timer

If you would like to have unattended operation so that your curtains open and close when you’re not at home then you can add a 7-Day timer for just £65.

Here’s an example:

A two-metre wide track, with a 7-day timer, remote control and all the fixing brackets and gliders you’ll need would cost:

Base Track £310
Length Surcharge (2 x £28) £56
Packaging £14
Shipping £95
7-Day Timer £65
Total Cost Delivered to Your Door £536
Unlike some motorised track suppliers, we believe in showing you the exact price you’ll pay, so all our prices INCLUDE VAT – there are no hidden extras.

And that’s about it – nice and simple. Of course, we have other options such a bent or angled tracks for bay windows and a set up for home automation systems, but these are best dealt with over the phone.

We Can Help You Price Your Track…

Sizing and pricing of motorised tracks can sometimes feel a little daunting.

Don’t worry. We’re happy to talk you through any aspect of motorisation of your curtains, whether it be sizing, pricing or just advice on what’s best for you.

Our consultations and advice are free. Just pick up the phone and give us a call on 01904 599 503.

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