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26 February 2024
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Why Smart Curtains?

Professional Quality Electric Curtain Tracks for Your Home or Workplace

Just some of the reasons why our clients throughout the UK make use of our automated electric curtain tracks.

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Enhanced home security is one of the main reasons why our clients opt for automated curtains. The ability to have your curtains open and close, even when you are not at home. Often referred to as unattended operation.

Automatic curtains form part of most home automation systems, and our range integrates with the best.

If you or someone you love has restricted mobility and you find opening and closing curtains challenging, then fitting an automated curtain track will make life so much easier.

And, there’s nothing like the convenience of opening and closing your bedroom curtains from the warmth and comfort of your bed.

Motorised curtains are a must when the curtain material is, for example, a delicate white or cream silk. Fitting a motorised curtain track means that no hands need touch your lovely curtains to open or close them.

Sometimes, curtains are just difficult to reach and often furniture gets in the way making closing by hand that bit harder.

Curtains on tall windows also benefit from motorisation as do heavy curtains. Our motorised tracks are virtually silent, yet incredibly powerful and can easily move curtains up to 60Kg in weight. That’s more than most automated tracks in this price range.

Of course, safety in the home is paramount, especially with young children around. By automating your curtains then there are no dangerous loops of cords, making your curtains extremely child safe.

More and more interior designers are specifying automated curtains, either as part of a home automation system or just to provide a lifestyle solution for their clients.

And you’ll be pleased to hear that while our tracks are all custom made they are still very affordable.

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