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Motorised Curtain

Automated Motorised Curtains for your Home

Find out why our clients throughout the UK make use of our automated or motorised curtain tracks.

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The ProBOSS Motorised Curtain Track From WindowBoss

The WindowBoss ProBOSS is a whisper quiet mains powered electric curtain rail which is supplied fully assembled – up to 6 metres in length as a single piece and longer with a joint.

All appropriate fixing brackets are included. The motor connects to the track with a quick release clip. The system is supplied with a 3-metre captive mains cable which can be connected to a 240V outlet or switched fused spur.

New WiFi Motor now shipping

Our new motor has the same features as our standard motor but now Includes a Wifi connection so the curtains can be used via a phone app and schedules can be created without the need for an external device.

Motorised Curtains

A motorised curtain can add an essence of elegance and practicality whilst complimenting the space around them. The WindowBoss ProBOSS motorised curtain track is high quality and perfect for homes. It does not require previous wiring and a single rail can be up to six metres long or longer with a joint.

The built-in clutch systems allow the curtains to be drawn manually in the event of a power failure. The quiet motor allows curtains to open and close via the remote control or by simply tugging on the curtains to operate.

Electric Curtain Track

Our simple but sleek curtain tracks are made to measure. This means your electric curtain track will fit perfectly to the size of your window space.  The track will ensure the curtains can operate by opening and closing smoothly.

The electronic curtain track is slim in design and your curtains will be securely held by the gliders. This ensures, your electronic curtain track is evenly spread and your curtains are fully supported. An extra hook on the end of the rail will also help hide the motor that powers your motorised curtain track.

The track can pull curtains that weigh up to 60kg.


The motor is located at the end of the track and will be responsible for powering your motorised curtains.  The 80 Watt motor operates at a speed of 140mm per second.

The motor is as quiet as a whisper and is connected to the track through a simple release clip. You won’t have to worry about setting it up as we’ve made it good to go on arrival. You can choose to have the motor on the left or right.

Remote Control for Electric Curtain Rail

Many of our competitors do not include the remote control within their advertised price. What good is a motorised curtain without a remote?

We include the remote control within the price as we see it as a necessity to enjoy your motorised curtains right away. Our remotes come with up to six channels that allows you to control several curtains in the same room individually or together.

External Control Port

Closing contact relays can be wired into this motor to allow for manual opening or closing of curtains. It can be used to allow existing home automation systems to integrate with the system.

If you were to connect your curtains to your alarm system, you could adjust the settings to automatically open your curtain in the event of an alarm. You could also connect it to your lighting system so that when you turn on the lights, the curtains automatically close.

To read more about the WINDOWBOSS ProBOSS specifications, head over to our comparison page.

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