Ordering Your Automatic Curtain Tracks

It’s as easy as making a phone call

Ordering your motorised curtain track is easy

Just give us a call on 01904 599 503

Alternatively, if you’re reading this in the evening or at the weekend then just pop your details in the boxes, and we’ll call you back at a time that suits you.

We can go over everything with you to make sure you get precisely the right track for the job. suits you.

Here are some things you should consider before you call:

  1. Measure the width of the opening where your plan to automate your curtains.
  2. Once you’re ready to purchase automated curtains, you’ll need to measure the space you plan to have your electric curtains fitted to.

    -You need to measure the width of the window.

    -You’ll then need to add some measurements on top of the window width. You’ll need to add some room either side to account for space the curtain will need once it’s in the open position when it becomes gathered.

    The added measurements for this will depend upon the size and thickness of your curtain material, as well as the number of gliders you wish to use. We usually allow 15mm of additional track per glider to account for this.

    We also add 270mm each side to accommodate room for the drive boxes & overlap arms.

    If your curtains have 12 gliders per side our allowances per side would be:

    (width of window) + (15mm X 12 glider) + (270mm) = total track needed in mm

    If the track is being fitted wall-wall, or inside a recess, then simply provide us with the wall-to-wall measurement as the only adjustment we need to make is a very small one.

  3. Depending on how many curtain tracks you want to control you have a choice of a single channel, two channel or six channel remote control.
  4. Then we need to consider how the track will be fitted above the window – will it be direct to the wall or a timber batten on the wall or will it be mounted to the ceiling? This will help us determine which fitting brackets you need.
  5. Then, do you want the curtain to open to one side only? In which case do you want the curtain to open to the left or the right? Or do you want the curtains to open in the middle?
  6. The curtains are operated by a hand-held remote control unit which is included as standard. However, you can also add the convenience of unattended operation by adding a 7-day timer.
Don’t worry if any of the above is a bit of a challenge. Just give us a call on 01904 599 503 and let us know what you’ve got in mind and we’ll happily talk you through everything, so you get the exact motorised track for your requirements.

If you’re happy with what we suggest, then we’ll issue an invoice which will give you the details of the track you are ordering. You can then pay by card or BACS transfer – the details will be on the invoice. Once we receive payment, your track will be scheduled for manufacturing in our workshop. Once the track is fully assembled and tested, we’ll arrange to ship it at a time that suits you. Allow around ten days from order receipt to delivery to you.

If you are in a bit of a hurry and you need a blue light job, then please do give us a call. We have an optional 2 to 3-day Fast Track (forgive the pun!) service but it this is only available if our busy workshop schedule allows.

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