How to measure for an electric curtain track.

We can help take the uncertainty away from calculating your curtain track measurements.

There are a few configurations of the space we need to consider but let’s look at the simplest – a window in free space in the wall (ie with plenty of room either side of the window for the curtains to stack.)

Measure the window width.

This should be the recess in the wall that the window sits in. From this we can make a drawing for you which will help you visualise how the curtains will look once installed.

Here we can see the window opening width is 3150mm

If the curtains may reach the side walls then include these measurements.








This is sufficient information for us to produce an initial design for you and work out the optimum track length.

Here you can see the optimal track length would be 4076mm and each curtain will stack 550mm wide at each end.







We prefer to inset the curtain leading edges into the window space slightly and in this case the open curtains would have 2976mm between the leading edges of the curtains and we also show how many moving gliders will be fitted. This is important information to pass on to your curtain maker.

This is the basic concept. We can acommodate ‘Wave’ effect curtains, but these have a special set of moving gliders and will slightly increase the number of gliders needed – and therefore the length of the track.

If there is an issue with the design we put forward, such as the space needed for the curtains to stack, then there are options to reduce (or increase) the curtain stack widths by chosing a different curtain pleat design for example.

Remember we can adjust the drawing as needed until it is right for you.