Going the extra mile.

A customer recently came to visit us in York to look at our tracks. They had looked at alternative electric curtain tracks but always found the same problem. Because the rails are wider than manual tracks, the gliders are usually set in the middle of the rail. This means that when fitting curtains so that the heading hides the rails, the heading can be pushed forwards and might look out of place.

So we took on board what our customer was concerned with and looked for a solution. There is indeed nothing we could find on the market so we decided to create a solution.

What was required needed to offset the curtain hook loop on the gliders so that the loop ran close to the front edge of the rail. Fortunately, our gliders can be seperated in 2 parts, so a very simple extra piece was designed and printed on our in-house 3D printer. The result was that each glider was seperated and re-assembled with the adapter before fitting into the rail. As you can see in the pictures below, this put the glider loop in the perfect position to hang the curtain to the front face of the rail, rather than the centre of it.

So remember, if there is any problem you can see with electric curtain tracks, just talk to us. If there is a solution, we will find it and make it happen for you. Would the brand names of curtain tracks be able to do this for you?


The problem

In the picture, you can see how the glider runs in the centre of the curtain track profile, and clearly, if you want the curtain material to hide the track from view, it needs to form around the shape of the profile. Not a problem if you are having new curtains made, but if your existing curtains were not designed for this, then they will not hang vertically at the top.


Our solution

We knew the gliders could be separated into 2 parts, so a simple plastic insert was designed on the computer and printed on our 3D printer. We mimicked the assembly of the gliders so that the 3 components simply push together.


The result

Once assembled and fitted in the track, the glider loop now travels close to the leading edge of the curtain rail, and the curtains can hang straight as before.

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